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Joanna & Adam’s Stunning Palm Springs Wedding

Tue. July 16, 2013   |   i do
Most of my clients book me for weddings between 6-18 months in advance.  I've had Joanna's wedding booked for about 7years :)  Well, at least, I had the IDEA of Joanna's wedding someday for that long.
Joanna and I met while I was photographing the children and headshots of a celebrity she worked for.  We agreed then that SOMEDAY I would be shooting her wedding.  Well, this year, "someday" finally happened and I got to photograph such a wonderful celebration of love for Joanna and Adam in Palm Springs!

I had known that this wedding was going be amazing--you only have to meet Joanna and Adam once to know that they have an eye for style and detail.  Plus, they brought on board the awesome ladies of Beau & Arrow Events, which was just an unbeatable combination.

The second I walked up to the house, I found this little row of adorable succulents.  I absolutely adore succulents, especially tiny little ones in their own pots:

Joanna's dress, by Nicole Miller, made out of the perfect lightweight fabric for a desert wedding:  

Okay, just stop and admire these INSANE Alexander Mcqueen flats for a second.  A more perfect shoe there never was:

Little details hanging around the house, just waiting for guests to ooh and ahh.  Also a hand embroidered monogrammed hankie:

Adam's style:

Joanna wore the most beautiful, intricate robe for her preparation:

Joanna and all the girls had braided hairstyles, which I couldn't get enough of!

I mean seriously, look at this!

Joanna and Adam both got ready at the house, so it was great to be able to just go right back and forth between their rooms!

The pocket square folding:

Pretty little bridesmaids gifts:

And of course, gifts for one another!  A fab swimsuit for Adam, and a beautiful bracelet for Joanna:

Check out this super unique engagement ring:  I've never seen one like it, and I LOVE LOVE it!  Also, a shoutout to the party nail.

Some dapper dudes having a drink:

Time to put on the dress!

The dress was just so light!  I would want all of my clothes made out of it if I lived in Palm Springs:

Some bouquets just waiting to be picked up:

Look!  A striped ribbon!

Joanna putting on her finishing details:

And getting a little help with her touch ups:

Joanna loves babies, and they love her!  Which probably a good thing :)

The veil and jeweled attachment were family heirlooms.  The back of Joanna's dress was a showstopper:

A perfect little embroidery as a something blue:

The bridesmaid bouquets were just so darling with their polka dot ribbons!

Joanna had such a beautiful group of friends!  Plus, I think girls are just happier in dresses they get to choose :)

Pretty ladies:

Don't mind me, just detail obsessing over here:

Joanna took a few minutes in the spotlight:

Hi beautiful bride!

That air plant and yellow flower make this bouquet!!

Lots of greenery = hard to find in Palm Springs:

When I found out the wedding was going to be in June in Palm Springs, I started sweating.  But then when I found out the wedding would be in the wilderness at the top of the Aerial Tramway, I got the shivers!  It's such a different landscape up there than anywhere else in the area, it looks like it could be a Colorado mountain top.

Heading up:

In order to get to the top, you have to take a 15 minute gondola ride:

Braid-y ladies:

And presto!  Once you de-board, you're in another land:

We hiked our way down to the ceremony site, where everyone was enjoying the view:

At weddings, I'm always looking for things that are visually interesting.  These two snippets fit the bill!

With Joanna's love of kids, it was no surprise that there were many in the wedding party!  Four little ring bears:

And four little flag girls:

Adam ready to see his bride:

And here she comes!

I love this moment:

Ceremony time:

Seriously, this location?  To DIE for!

And now for the ceremonial "Exchange of Baggage".  Haha!  As therapists, Joanna and Adam know that people bring baggage into every new relationship.  They decided to exchange theirs :)

Adam's baggage seemed to be quite heavy, while Joanna's was very cute:

Don't worry, they also exchanged rings:

And loving looks:

And a kiss:

After the wedding we made time for some casual portraits.  These guys looked amazing!  Adam gave them each the tie and had them choose their own suit.  They looked spectacular!  

I love this photo, something about the mood of it just makes me smile:

The whole cute bridal party:

And then, it was time for my favorite time of the day.  Newlywed portraits in amazing light time:

I always work hard, but it felt like hardly working:

It was one of those times that everything just worked:

The key to great portraits is light.  Period.  

Not a bad view:

I did shoot some nature on the way back:

On our way back to the house, we had to make a stop in the desert to shoot some photos:

It was one of the most perfect portrait sessions of my life:

The sun, the wind whipping Joanna's veil and dress around:

It was sublime:

I could have shot in that one spot all day:

A desert photo with skulls and everything:

The light in Palm Springs makes for such great, creamy portraits.  I don't know why, but it's just the right amount of harsh/soft:

It was like nothing could go wrong at this session.  I had literally hundreds of photos I could have posted here from this session:

But all good things must come to an end:

On to the party!

The house where the wedding took place was a total modern masterpiece:

I couldn't wait to see the decor, and it was so rad!  Striped table cloths, bright flowers, succulents, and palm trees:

Delicate vases with individual air plants, gold candle holders, and teal napkins:

Crystal goblets of flowers:

Two adorable little details:

Mariachis!  They created such a fun atmosphere for cocktails:

Balloons placed around the lawn gave it a surreal, dreamlike appearance:

As the sun went down, the atmosphere became even more awesome:

They thought of everything!  From a posted menu to their own hashtag:

I had a blast shooting this invitation suite:

Even though none of the pieces was an exact match for what they did with the wedding, it was the perfect indicator of what the guests would be seeing:

Air plants:

What a great cake!  The couple with their two puppies.  Also, a fun drink stirrer:

I love this sign!  

The new Mr. and Mrs!

Here we go:

First dance:

Perfect timing with the light:

The back of that dress was just to die for!


Lol--she was entertained!  Meanwhile, the guests were entertained by dinner:

Hi puppy!

One tricky thing with weddings is picking the perfect space for your guests.  They nailed it:

Another puppy!

And then there was dancing:


And tossing:

The DJ created a great party atmosphere:

And party they did:

They partied till they just fell asleep on the dance floor:

Of course, I had to snag a ring shot before I left:

They had a snow cone maker!  What could be better on a hot day??

Congratulations Joanna and Adam.  You're the best!!
This wedding was brought to you by:

Beau & Arrow Events- Event Design & Coordination

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway- Ceremony Location

Stan Sackley Estate- Reception Location

Border Grill -Catering

Isari Flower Studio and Event Design- Florist

Color Me Carla-Invitation/Graphic Designer

La Tavola Linens- Specialty Linens

Lauren Sill- Hair Artist

Jose Luis Garmenzzi- Classical Guitarist for Ceremony

Classic Party Rentals- Event Rentals

Los Salazar Trio- Mariachi Band

Hula Girls- Shaved Ice

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