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A Shoot in Four Words (and FOUR NEW COVERS!)

Thu. March 4, 2010   |   gossip
When Amy of Weddingchicks first told me about her idea of a styled bridal shower/brunch in combination with an engagement session, I was hooked! I shoot TONS of wedding stuff, but not much girly/bridal stuff, so it sounded like it was right up my alley! It didn't hurt that I also had four HOT new SHOOTSAC covers to shoot, and I knew that I was sold.

I wasn't wrong.

Amy put together an absolutely AMAZING team of people to design, style, and execute the shoot. If you are a bride reading this blog, you'd be making a smart move for your wedding by working with any of them:

Coordination: Amy of Weddingchicks
Styling: Carter & Cook
Florist: The Floral Lab
Paper: Paper and Thread
Cake: Erika O'brien Cake Design
Location: Cafe Mimosa
Hair Accessories: Ink and Button


Katie & Ryan Scott
Lauren Bullock
Rachel Castillero
Katherine Carrington

THE FOUR INSPIRATIONAL COVERS FOR THIS SHOOT: Cheerful, Engaging, Whimsical and Swell--our NEW covers that will be available on the SHOOTSAC WEBSITE first thing on Monday! You will meet and get to know them today--I'm sure you'll become fast friends!

The focal point for this shoot was simple: A yellow button.

Why a yellow button? I don't know! Because buttons are adorable? Because I love them? Because I want to see more of them? Whatever the reason, once I threw that out at Amy, Ashlyn & Heather, they jumped on the button train and got to work!

I'm not kidding, they seriously got to work--making table runners, stringing buttons, you name it:

Buttons buttons everywhere!

Even hanging from the ceiling like a more beautiful dream catcher than I could have ever dreamed!

These recipe boxes and menu cards were so sweet! The buttons on the front are actually hair clips from Ink and Button--I kept the yellow and blue ones--try to spot me wearing one in Vegas next week!

Each girl had her own name attached to her box:

Teaspoons adorned the back of the chairs, affixed with yellow string:

Flowers with little edible treats in them and sprigs of fresh yellow buds make the table look so clean!

Erika showed up with the cake-S! I thought i was in heaven when she showed us the little baby cakes:

Each individual cake was placed on the plate for the guests as a dessert:

They were just so darling!

Katie, our beautiful bride toasts with her girlfriends:

So much cuteness!

Look who else made an appearance at brunch!

Nom nom nom--Cafe Mimosa, I love you:

Time spent with your girls is time well spent:

Some more morning cheer:

It was a brunch that was, in a word, CHEERFUL!

Later that afternoon, we took the opportunity to style and shoot a little engagement session for these two. Aren't they just...swell?! A little old fashioned, and a little laid-back, we had the most delightful afternoon!

Seriously, can they be any cuter?

One of my faves:

Erika made us these little button shaped cookies! This shoot is for the modern day housewives out there:

Ryan tries to steal while distracting Katie:

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental...(bonus points if you can fill in the blank):

Isn't life just swell?

One element that the whole team tried very hard to bring to the shoot is the element of WHIMSY! To be Whimsical, in my opinion, is to be DIVINE! And divine it was to have details like these--colorful baking supplies, a bright yellow clock, a hand tied stack of treats, a glass jar of buttons--all too beautiful for words!

Making the most of those mini-cakes:

The bouquet was just so much fun! Look a the buttons wrapping the stems:

Fun fact--the green suitcase is the one I used to exit my own wedding reception :)

I love it even more today than I did then:

Look--a whimsical little cover showed up, along with a play on photography with Ryan holding the bouquet:

When I think of Whimsy, I think--slightly unexpected and always light and fun!

Rachel, you are a beautiful, whimsical model:

The trick to a great shoot, if there is one, is that it be ENGAGING! What does this mean? Well, simply that it can attract and hold your attention. I think that these two have the ability to do that, don't you?

Katie and Ryan seem engaged with one another:

Which leads to sweetness:

And more sweetness:

The patterns and textures here are engaging to me:

And Ryan is engaged by Katie:

I am quite engaged by her also!

You make this new cover look amazing!

And two more, just because I love them:

These FOUR new covers: CHEERFUL, SWELL, WHIMSICAL & ENGAGING will be ready for you to buy on the SHOOTSACâ„¢ site on MONDAY, so get 'em while they're hot!

And for the hottest thing since sliced bread, head over to THE SHOOTSAC BLOG to see our CRAZY new announcement (here's a little sneak peek):

Everyone who was involved in this shoot--I love all of you--you're the BEST! Pop on over to Weddingchicks for more!
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