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The Totally Rad: The Revenge!

Sat. June 14, 2008   |   gossip
A lot of you commented on Monika & Nicholas's wedding a few posts below this--all antique glamour and desaturated color. I can tell you now that EVERY single one of those images was processed with my sneak preview of the BRAND NEW Totally Rad Actions: The Revenge which came out yesterday!

I know I'm friends with the Boutwells and all, but there's no way I would promote these actions so heavily if they weren't my new most favorite thing in the whole world. Since a few weeks/months back when I first started getting Doug's previews, I've been basically obsessed with them. Honestly, I feel like they've allowed me to step up my style and make my images look the way I see them in my head.

I thought you might like to see a few before/after shots of the Monika & Nicholas wedding below. I tried to remember everything I did to them, but you may have to play a bit to achieve the same results! The originals are on top, the adjusted are on the bottom. All of my original images are jpeg's straight out of camera (yes, I shoot BW in camera):

This one has Sparta, Get Faded Autumn, and was adjusted by me in the Color Balance layer:

This one had pro retouch from the old set of actions, Sparta, and Warm it up Kris from the old actions:

My favorite: Pro Retouch, Claire-ify, Get Faded Autumn, and a bump in contrast by me:

This one was Grandma's Tap Shoes at about 40%

Grandma's Tap Shoes at 100%

I hope this helps you get started! **CLICK HERE** to pick them up now!!!
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