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Annabelle in Wonderland!

Mon. June 11, 2007   |   people
Yesterday I took a trip up to LA for my little cousin Annabelle's 5th birthday. This year Annabelle's parents got smart--they combined her party with two other girls (twins) and had a huge blowout for all three girls! Not only was this party phenominal in every way, but the decor rivaled that of any kids party I've ever seen.

The theme: Alice in Wonderland. I have no idea how these parents came up with all the cool ideas, but it was something you'd probably only be able to make work in the land of Hollywood--it was that good. Every detail was perfect, and the girls were besides themselves with this fantasy party.

The table setup--of course it had to be a tea party!

The three birthday girls had oversized decked out chairs:

Each girl had a place setting with real china teacups:

Some more decor:

There was a flower garden with whimsical oversized flowers that I absolutely adored. I found little Willa Rose playing in there--so cute!

There was a petting zoo with tons of little bunnies for the kids to hold. Here's birthday girl Annabelle:

The animals were adorable:

And look who showed up to do the face painting, Alice herself!

The girls all sat down to tea and lunch:

I think Annabelle was having a great time!

All the girls felt like princesses!

Even little Claire enjoyed the tea:

Three girls--three cakes!

There was tons of other great stuff there that I don't even have time to blog. It really was fantastic and it was so fun to be there!!
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