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Jerry & Melissa’s Anniversary Shoot

Thu. March 22, 2012   |   will you
A few weeks ago I had the chance to travel to Washington DC to visit with Jeff's parents and do some shooting!  Through one of the couples I photographed (their post coming soon) I found an absolutely adorable location to host my shoots.  Traveling to another state to shoot is so exciting for me because I get to shoot in new locations and in scenery I don't usually get to shoot it!  I'm sure that people from the east coast would love a few days of shooting in the sunshine, but to be honest with you, but I'll tell ya, when that's most of what you get,  it was a nice change to shoot on a cold, crisp, overcast day!

When you are married, you settle into a routine of sorts,  Ordinary days of work, dinners at home, and daily life.  It's nice to get out of the routine sometimes and do something out of your usual pattern.

Jerry and Melissa got married a year ago.  Although they love their wedding photos, they wanted me to shoot a session of the two of them just being THEM!  So for an hour or so, we walked around, laughed at the way life sometimes throws us together, and made some photos that I hope these two will be able to look at and think, "YES, this is US".  

The place where we shot is a historic home that has been donated for public use.  It sits in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and has beautiful property attached to it:

You can see a glimpse of the gazebo in this one.  I'm not one for gazebos, but this one was so cool looking I didn't mind it sneaking into a few shots!

Black and white photos are the perfect feel for a cold, overcast day:

Melissa's bright coat really helped get some pop to the photos!

A commemorative slate for the shoot :)

I couldn't believe it--were those actual blooms on the trees?!

Yes, they were. Although the day we shot was SO cold, spring had obviously decided to make a little appearance:

This property was just so awesome looking:

I bet it looks incredible in the fall:

Melissa and Jerry were such a pleasure to photograph.  It was easy to see why their marriage looks.  They both lead and follow one another:

They are affectionate and laugh a lot:

The squeeze each other really tight!

It was just a typical afternoon, having fun together:

And of course, looking very cute:

A year goes fast.  The days are long but the year is short:

Melissa and Jerry soak up the days:

They treasure each other:

They take risks and make big changes together:

They depend on each other:

The house was the perfect backdrop to capture these two:

But even with no props, and no house, and no posing, their quiet love stands out:

My favorite of the day:

I love when couples can just be kids together!

Jerry swings!

M&J, thank you for letting me capture your love, on an ordinary, extraordinary day :)
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