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Andrea’s Birth Story

Tue. February 28, 2012   |   people
After being a photographer for a long time, fewer and fewer things come up that I haven't at least once experienced photographically.  But recently, an opportunity came up that I just couldn't pass on!  Andrea is a new friend, and a long time friend of another friend (did that get confusing)?  I found out that she was having a home birth, and my first thought was, Wow, that would be amazing to shoot!  (Well, actually my first thought was, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEDS???, but I digress).  
Andrea already had two boys who were born more traditionally, in the hospital.  When she found out she was pregnant with a girl (and her last baby), she decided along the way that she wanted this birth to be a more natural, memorable one for her last.  

She had SO much support.  First of all, her husband Jon respected and encouraged her choice to give birth at home.  She enlisted the care of an absolutely FABULOUS midwife as well as OB for her prenatal care.  And luckily enough, her twin sister Corinne is a labor & delivery nurse who would act as her doula/birth coach.

Below is the amazing experience of Andrea's birth.  I will not have any more commentary for this post, because I believe the photos speak for themselves!!

**NOTE: At the very bottom of this post is a slideshow, which is somewhat a bit more graphic than the rest of these photos, so watch only if you love to see babies being born!  The music is by the phenomenal Molly Jenson and used with kind permission!

Please continue to scroll past this photo for the slideshow!  THE PLAY BUTTON IS IN THE LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER :)

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